Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide our players, parents, and volunteers the opportunity to engage with the community and develop life skills within the competitive framework of organized football. Our expectation is players, coaches and parents will always exhibit integrity, effort, and resiliency.

Our Football Philosophy:
Our philosophy is to execute, to the best of our ability, a style of football that maximizes our unique talents.

Our Coaching Philosophy:

1. We will be positive! Our goal is 10 “atta boys” for every corrective action.
2. We will teach safe and proper technique.
3. We will reward positions based on ability and effort.
4. We will never berate, embarrass, or intimidate any child, EVER.
5. We will emphasize constant improvement and not emphasize wins and losses.
6. We will correct a player’s lack of understanding, and we will only discipline lack of effort.

In addition, we will run a contrarian style of offense and a simple and aggressive defense.

Our Practice Philosophy:
We will emphasise BLOCKING and TACKLING and executing plays. Coaches will not waste precious time on sadistic drills or pointless time wasters. We will constantly introduce new drills for the same skills to keep things fresh. We will do everything we can to introduce a competitive aspect to practice by giving awards, thus making practice compelling.

Our Rules:
We have 3 simple rules…
1. Try Hard
2. Late = take a lap before your start (absolutely no exceptions).
3. Missed practice = sit a half (exceptions: family emergency, serious illness, school or church or other organized function) Homework is not an excuse to miss practice. Use this rule as a motivator in that regard. Say, “Get your homework done because if you don’t, you will have to miss practice, and then you will have to sit a half.” Also, going to a birthday party is not considered an “organized function”)

Our Parents:
Parents are 1/3 of the success equation (along with players and coaches). We need parents to be a part of the team and moving in the same direction. There are an infinite number of successful coaching styles and football systems. There is no single magic play, technique, drill, or strategy that will guarantee success. On the other hand, a confused, unfocused, fractured or distracted team will fail…guaranteed. We should never do anything that guarantees failure. Therefore, what we ask of parents is that, regardless of their depth of football knowledge, they be supportive of the system we implement DURING THE SEASON. That’s all. Remember, a house divided against itself cannot stand, but a team that is united can never fail.

JFMA Parents Code of Conduct


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