New Parents

We Want You to Be a Part of Our Team!

Tackle football is one of the most competitive team sports around. It is a “rite of passage” sport that the most competitive kids play. It teaches toughness. It teaches teamwork. It teaches goal setting. It rewards perseverance, effort, and preparation like no other sport. It is the ultimate team sport.

Football is difficult.  It is physical.  It is a collision sport.  Yet FOOTBALL IS LESS RISKY THAN SOCCER! According to a study completed by Stuart M. and Morrey M. of the Mayo Clinic, “…The risk of injury in youth football does not appear greater than other recreational or competitive sports.”

When it’s coached and played correctly, football is fun! I’m not talking about video game-style fun or tag on recess style fun. I’m talking about compelling, high intensity, can’t wait for the season to start FUN. Football allows kids to be a part of something…to achieve something bigger than the high score on X Box… to experience the satisfaction of real, flesh and blood accomplishment.

It’s a hard sport. We’ll work your kid. We’ll discipline your kid. We’ll put demands and expectations on your kid. But your kid will have a rewarding experience…regardless of wins and losses.

Don’t you think your son would benefit from a long term, constructive, competitive, collaborative relationship? Think of the friendships he will develop. Think of the memories he will make. Think of the youtube videos he’ll be able to brag about! Think of the life lessons learned and life experience gained. What’s taught on the playing field and practice field cannot be learned in a classroom, in a book or on a computer.

Registration starts in mid April but don’t wait to start getting excited about next season. Browse the videos here. Read the posts. Email ME! . I’ll tell you anything you want to know about us.

Join our team.  All are welcome.


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