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“The first step in that is to let them experience winning on an individual basis. Create competitions in practice for the best blocker, tackler, etc. When a kid does something right, make a big deal of it.”

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Ron Jaworski… Side Saddle Wing T QB

“The coach, the late Dike Beede…was the last collegiate proponent of the sidesaddle T. The sidesaddle T is a bizarre formation that is something of a cockeyed wing T. Jaworski would line up a yard behind the left guard to receive the snap from center. A tailback and a fullback lined up five yards deep, as they would in a pro set, and on every play a wingback would go in motion, pausing briefly behind the center as if to receive the snap. The wingback would then continue toward the sideline as if he had the ball, and the center would hike it sideways to  Jaworski.”

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“Side Saddle” Offense

A great link to a variation on the “side saddle” Wing T Offense.

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A Contrarian Approach to Offense

The Idea of Contrarian Offenses:

Youth football coach John T. Reed often talks about using an offense that your opponent is not accustomed to seeing. The idea is that if you run a Power I or a Pro Set, you are playing in to the opponent’s hands as they probably run these types of systems as well and scrimmage against them every day at practice.

I know that a few of the mountain teams run something resembling a “spread” as well. I think this is a terrific offense but it is becoming cliche as so many high schools and youth teams attempt to run it as well.

I’ve used variations of the single and double wing for 8 years now. But those, too, are becoming more common. I saw a 4th grade game this season where one team ran an unbalanced line single wing against a mountain team. I didn’t know whether to be proud that as I was once ahead of the curve or be upset because now I am “passe” again. I did not see any other coaches running single wing in JMFA 4 years ago.

Here’s some great videos of versions of the single wing in action…

Single Wing Football (An awesomely executed, tight-formation, low-profile, hide-the-ball version. Looks like a Dave Cisar single wing)

More Single Wing Football (One split end, multiple “snap-to” backs, innovative use of multiple formations)

So now that the single wing has become somewhat “orthodox” it is time to evolve once again. I’ve given consideration to the “Lonesome Polecat” (developed by Tiger Ellison and the precurser of the run and shoot), and the “A-11” (which is so good it’s illegal in many states) but have chosen to build around the “spread jet” which is NOT a “spread” offense, per se, but uses a spread formation with single wing blocking. It can also be tweaked to incorporate A-11-esque shifts into unbalanced formation which will cause a defense to “cover” an ineligible lineman with a linebacker thus wasting a defender. We’ll roll that nuance out in 5th and 6th grade.