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2013 Jamboree


2013 Practice Plan

2013 Practice Plan

Ron Jaworski… Side Saddle Wing T QB

“The coach, the late Dike Beede…was the last collegiate proponent of the sidesaddle T. The sidesaddle T is a bizarre formation that is something of a cockeyed wing T. Jaworski would line up a yard behind the left guard to receive the snap from center. A tailback and a fullback lined up five yards deep, as they would in a pro set, and on every play a wingback would go in motion, pausing briefly behind the center as if to receive the snap. The wingback would then continue toward the sideline as if he had the ball, and the center would hike it sideways to  Jaworski.”

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Game 8 vs. Arvada 2

Game 7 vs. Thornton

Game 5 vs. Arvada 1

Game 4 vs. Highlands Ranch

Game 3 vs. Bear Creek

We lost our qb the day before the game but David stepped up and did a terrific job filling in. Our defense played exceptionally well. Unfortunately, we lost 7-0 but we are about to turn the corner.


Note:  On the last play of the game, Sammy injured his knee.  I believe it was diagnosed as a disclocated kneecap.  Sammy missed only 1 game and returned to full speed against Arvada 1.

Game 2 vs Alameda 1


Great Job, Team!

We made great improvement between last Tuesday and the Jamboree. We were clearly the most prepared, most effective 2nd grade team on the field Sunday. Our hard work is starting to pay off. Keep it up.

My observations:

1) Our defense was unscored on. Excellent job! I believe we held or opponents to a combined negative yardage total. Now that’s defense.

2) Our offense improved to about 50% efficiency (meaning half our plays were executed for positive yardage). This is an improvement from about 33% last Tuesday. I expect us to be at 80% by game 1 and 90% by mid season.

3) We made a slew of big gains on offense. We scored 6 times (I think). Great blocking Russ, David, Calvin, Bryce, Jimmy, Tre and Cole! Way to go. It’s because of you that we can move the ball.

For the next three practices we have the following goals:

1) Install an onside kickoff and kick return team
2) Work on OL cut and crab blocks
3) 300 more snaps at center (100 per day)
4) Backup reps for HB, QB, FB, WB and Receiver

Great job. Let’s keep getting better and better.