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Great Job, Team!

We made great improvement between last Tuesday and the Jamboree. We were clearly the most prepared, most effective 2nd grade team on the field Sunday. Our hard work is starting to pay off. Keep it up.

My observations:

1) Our defense was unscored on. Excellent job! I believe we held or opponents to a combined negative yardage total. Now that’s defense.

2) Our offense improved to about 50% efficiency (meaning half our plays were executed for positive yardage). This is an improvement from about 33% last Tuesday. I expect us to be at 80% by game 1 and 90% by mid season.

3) We made a slew of big gains on offense. We scored 6 times (I think). Great blocking Russ, David, Calvin, Bryce, Jimmy, Tre and Cole! Way to go. It’s because of you that we can move the ball.

For the next three practices we have the following goals:

1) Install an onside kickoff and kick return team
2) Work on OL cut and crab blocks
3) 300 more snaps at center (100 per day)
4) Backup reps for HB, QB, FB, WB and Receiver

Great job. Let’s keep getting better and better.



2012: First Scrimmage

Today, we took on the 3rd grade team for about an hour of full contact. We held our own, scored twice, and only allowed them to score on a broken play.

Here’s how I evaluated things:

1) Tackling: There were some terrific fills by our LBs and some examples of good tackling. We’re still a little tentative at wrapping up and driving through the runner.

2) Blocking: Not bad. We were firing out and slowing pursuit. FB blocking was good.

3) Pursuit: A+ We were swarming and aggressive on defense and the gang tackling was terrific.

4) Technical: Snapping needs 500 more reps. We had quite a few high snaps but this is something we can correct with reps.

All in all, was very pleased with how we responded to a much larger 3rd grade team. Great job, Team